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News / Ford Q1 Supplier In Turkey Magal Cavo Award Ceremony

Ford Q1 Supplier In Turkey Magal Cavo Award Ceremony

Cavo Otomotiv Q1 Ceremony was held May 28th at Cavo Plant in TOSB –Turkey, with participation of  Ford Otosan Management, Directors of certain departments of Ford Otosan, the President of The Labour Union and representatives from Union,  Barry Layfield Magal Group Quality Director and Rainer Jurachka, Magal Key Account Manager, from Magal Engineering Group, Bank Managers, Managers of some of our suppliers , friends of Cavo Otomotiv and members of whole Cavo family.

Igal Zakuto, Managing Director of Magal Cavo , gave a welcoming speech including a part from  one of Nazim Hikmet’s (famous Turkish poet ) poems.  Next,  the new Cavo animation film , a short film of 2 minutes with the theme of Cavo’s Company motto  ‘’ Triggering Motion ‘’ evolving  to ‘’Triggering Life’’ with a sentimental final, was presented for  the  first time.


                                         Igal Zakuto giving the welcoming speech   

After an ‘’Introductory Magal Cavo film”, a documentary of 6 minutes, Deniz Goker, Magal Cavo Sales and Marketing Manager, made a presentation in English , as a complementary piece to the movie.  Cavo’s history, the cooperation with Magal Engineering Group , the business scope with Ford, were thoroughly reflected.

Following the presentations , a plant tour took place. All the guests were split to two groups and the Cavo Plant was visited with the guidance of Operations Manager Berke Ercan , with explanations in English at each station to the guests who were equipped with headphone sets.

It was a clear observation that all the guests were impressed with the detailed planning of the organization.

After the plant tour,  Will Periam, Deputy General Manager of Ford Otosan, gave a speech about Ford Q1 certification and described that it is just as difficult to retain the Q1 Award Certification as to achieve it. Then, he handed the Q1 plaque and the Q1 flag to Kemal Amanoel, Magal Cavo joint Owner. A thunder of applause and cheering took place in the hall, as Kemal Amanoel raised the flag with Mr Periam.

Next , Kemal Amanoel thanked every member of Cavo family and Cavo friends for their support all through the process.

All the guests were invited to take a ‘’Family photo ‘’ with the flag and the plaque at the entrance of the Magal Cavo building. Following this, all had a celebration lunch with delicious Turkish food!


 Will Periam, Deputy General Manager of Ford Otosan handing over the Q1 flag to Kemal Amanoel

It was an unforgettable experience providing lasting memories for Magal Cavo team members and a spectacular event for our guests from Ford Otosan. After the event very positive feedback was received from our Customer. Another step forward in the close relationship and business collaboration Magal Cavo enjoys with the Ford Otosan team.


Will Periam, Deputy General Manager of Ford Otosan handing over the Q1 plaque to Kemal Amanoel