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Testing & Validation 

Magal Engineering is an automotive and industrial component and system supplier, a UK based company with manufacturing facilities in the UK, France, Turkey, India, USA and China. Within the Global automotive market, the Magal name is associated with delivering complex design solutions, consistent quality, on-time delivery, a depth of engineering capability and competitive pricing. Magal is winning significant new business, much of it export, on the reputation of the Magal brand.


By combining state-of-the-art technology with a highly motivated workforce, Magal Engineering endeavours to supply a highly efficient service developing and manufacturing products of the highest quality, at the lowest possible price. The Magal Group companies ensure efficient product development and launch in terms of functional specification, cost, timing and quality, by making effective use of both physical prototyping and simulation and analysis tools, supported by an unrivalled depth of knowledge and expertise in our product offering.


We are a full service supplier, offering our customers a total solution to their engineering requirements, supporting by an extensive range of equipment and capability for the physical testing of products


Magal Cables 

  • Static strength (handle) Denison tensile tester          
  • Operating efforts LVDT, Load cell 
  • Life cycle requirements LVDT, Load cell, Airbox 
  • Corrosion resistance Salt spray cabinet 
  • High temperature Environmental chamber 
  • Low temperature exposure Environmental chamber 
  • Chemical resistance LVDT, Load cell 
  • Conduit seal life LVDT, Load cell, Airbox 
  • Bend testing
  • Pull test (housing) Force gauge 
  • Pull test (inner member) Denison tensile tester 
  • Elongation 
  • Latch end cap retention Force gauge
  • Lateral/longitudinal loadiing ice loading rig


Thermostat Housing 

  • Thermal chambers 
  • Thermostat multi station cycling rig    
  • Linear test bench 
  • Dynamic cycling rig
  • Pressure and temperature rig 
  • Hydraulic test bench
  • Flip flop rigs 
  • Test oven 
  • Mechanical cycling rig
  • Evaluation bath 
  • Water flow & leak test rig
  • Air leak test rig 
  • Flow rig 
  • Vent valve test rig
  • Spring comparison test rig 
  • Vibration press (spring / retainer) 
  • Spring durability rig multi station 
  • Strues Tegrapol-11 polish machine
  • Microvision Axiotech Microscope 
  • Pressure cap function tester 
  • Pressure cap test rig 
  • Thermostat functional tester 



  • Functional test rig 
  • Dartec endurance rig 
  • Instron fatigue rig 
  • Endurance rig-varamatic 
  • Endurance rig-Pow-A-Rak 
  • Endurance rig-Pow-A-Rak 
  • Temperature conditioning unit 
  • Dsalt spray chamber 
  • Acoustic chamber 


Spare Wheel Carrier 

  • Universal test durability rig 
  • Salt spray chamber 
  • Vehicle testing - vehicle body rigs 


Parking Brake 

  • Durability rig UK 
  • Salt spray chamber 
  • Full system test rigs 
  • Lever only test rigs 
  • Climate chambers 
  • Vehicle testing - vehicle chassis rigs 



  • Jack Durability test rig 
  • Tensile test machine - inclined / ecce 
  • Salt spray chamber 
  • Fully programable X,Y,Z jack test rig 
  • Jack life cycle rigs 
  • Climate chambers 
  • Ramps 5%, 8%, 20% 
  • Vehicle lift durability 


Pedal Box 

  • Characterisation                                      
  • Salt spray chamber 
  • Vehicle testing - vehicle bulk head rigs