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Driving automotive components forward

Magal Engineering is an automotive and industrial component and system supplier. A UK based company with manufacturing facilities in the UK, France, Turkey, India and China. To put it simply, we are one of the leading companies in automotive mechanical engineering. And it’s the products we make, that make us Magal.

A global company that’s nearly always local

As an automotive component supplier, Magal Engineering’s reach stretches far and wide. We are a company with manufacturing facilities not just in the UK, but also in France, Turkey, India and China. Our global facilities are capable of supplying all major OEMs with local content, local engineering and local manufacturing.

Engineering to make you more competitive

As manufacturing becomes more and more competitive, Magal Engineering has adapted to be able to offer our automotive customers more. Modern management techniques and lean practices. Complex design solutions, consistent in quality and punctuality. A depth of engineering capability, and pricing that’s rich with value.

Complete capabilities

By combining state-of-the-art technology and facilities with a highly motivated workforce, Magal Engineering is able to offer a suite of highly-efficient capabilities. In essence, we are a full service supplier, fulfilling all of our customers’ engineering needs. We by developing, manufacturing and delivering products of the highest quality – and always at the best possible price.

Looking after what’s important

From looking after our people to looking after our supply chain, ensuring efficiency and good health often go hand-in-hand. But above all, we are an environmentally-conscious company. One that respects its surroundings and prioritises improving its output. One that strives to put sustainable practices at the fore of everything we do.

Everything under one roof

Unlike most suppliers, Magal Engineering fully demonstrates vertical integration. Everything is made in-house: machined parts, stampings, wax elements, technically complex plastic mouldings, plus assembly.

Some of the customers we work with


Full service design and development

Magal’s highly efficient design and development service is made up of several key components.
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Combining our principles in lean manufacturing with an always-competitive value proposition, Magal consistently provides the finest in engineering.
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CAD and digital analysis

As a full service supplier, it’s no surprise that Magal Engineering offers customers a comprehensive Computer Aided Design (CAD) service.
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Testing and Validation

Magal Engineering strives to ensure that our physical test and validation facilities are unrivalled in the industry.
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How our supply chain integration works
Magal Engineering is part of Arlington Automotive. It means that we can offer a complete supply chain service. From design and development to manufacture and assembly, the benefits in time, cost and flexibility are there for our customers. This video explains how – press play to see.