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Group Quality Director explains Magal’s “Drive to Zero”

Wednesday, August 15th, 2018 Uncategorised

“Drive to Zero” was defined in early 2016 to summarise the overall business improvement plan for Magal AWT. The “zero” represents zero ppm, zero customer complaints, zero late deliveries and zero accident occurrences, whilst reducing waste throughout the business.

The effectiveness of the continuous improvement plan implementation can be easily tracked by measuring the business performance against the meaningful KPI’s defined.

By analysing and reacting to the performance data, the business has been successful in enabling sustainable improvement.

This process has been rolled out across the Magal Group and has enabled Magal AWT to continue to compete globally, in a sector that demands world class quality, cost and delivery performance, resulting in 1ppm KPI output.

This detailed focus on quality performance, coupled with effective leadership and desire to be a world class Tier 1 supplier to our automotive customers has enabled a culture of integrity and openness, allowing for improvement opportunities to be identified and implemented across all areas of the business.

Regular communication and performance feedback to all colleagues is the ongoing foundation for future success, with sustainable zero ppm now accepted by all as the quality performance expected.