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Under the bonnet and on the road.

Thursday, April 18th, 2019 Uncategorised

At Magal Engineering, we’re proud to push our joint capability with Arlington Automotive, providing parts and services for a range of vehicles.

One such example is a well-known, light commercial vehicle, famous throughout Europe and the U.S.

Here at Magal we manufacture the thermostat, hood release cable, park brake, spare wheel winch, and safety tether cable. With our group capabilities with Arlington Automotive we could also manufacture oil diverters, carbon can assemblies, crash cans, structural pressings, speaker covers, seat frames, brake pedals, door latch cables and jack tool kits for this van.

Our combined capabilities on these manufactured parts include pressed metals, injection moulding, pipe-forming, powder coating and thermostatic element manufacture.

All in all, our involvement is vast and far-reaching. Long may it continue – we take pride in adding our stamp.