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Magal Group has made a commitment to respect and promote the fundamental rights established by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the dignity and intrinsic worth of individuals, the private life of employees, and equal rights for men and women.

We attach special importance to respecting the following principles established in the U.N.’s Global Compact, pertaining to Human Rights, labour standards, and the environment.

With facilities and operations worldwide, Magal engages with a wide variety of people and cultures. We recognise this as a competitive advantage for our business. Magal believes that greater supplier diversity helps to promote a wider range of perspective, driving more solutions and greater success for our entire organisation. At Magal we celebrate diversity and the potential and value it brings.

Completion of our Supplier Profile Questionnaire provides us with an introduction to your organisation. There is no inherent commitment of business after completion. Should one of our operating groups or commodity teams identify a potential opportunity, we will initiate appropriate contact.

If you are interested in becoming a supplier for Magal please click here to complete our Supplier Profile Questionnaire.