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R&D and Innovation

For over 50 years Magal Engineering has worked in partnership with leading global automotive and industrial companies in the design, development and manufacture of mechanically engineered components.

We do it with a dedicated workforce. One with a depth of knowledge and experience. One which can offer our customers not just a secure and reliable resource to solve their specific problems, but also new initiatives and innovation across our product portfolio.

The R&D and Innovation section of this website aims to show how our ideas, techniques and procedures have helped our customers to improve their products.

Some of the areas covered include:

  • High-strength glass-filled materials for use in high ambient temperature environments.
    Magal Western Thomson was the first company to develop plastic thermostat assemblies to replace more costly aluminium construction.
  • Moving from the use of mechanical fixings in joining components to vibration welding.
    Magal was the first to successfully develop the use of this process, delivering improvements in leak performance and improved cycle time – increasing productivity and reducing costs.
  • Supporting improved engine emissions through the development of a fully variable electric proportional valve to provide accurate repeatable control of coolant flow.
    Our compact design offers flexible design packaging, low pressure drop, internal sealing function, low consumption, low bypass leakage, and improved reaction times. The design also includes a patented ‘self-safe’ function.
  • Development of an industry leading triple-acting electrical thermostat which controls flow from head and block independently, with the added benefit of twin pressure relief for system protection.
    This innovative design replaces the traditional solution of main thermostat and block thermostats, offering improved control plus a reduction of costs.
  • Manufacturing a large diameter poppet valve system incorporating electrical control of movement, longer stroking element and high flow rates up to 300 litres per minute.
    The design, for high flow environments, has an added advantage over slide valve technology by delivering a self-cleaning sealing method.
  • Thinner high-strength steel for use in park brake development.
    This adds strength and design flexibility whilst reducing weight.
  • Developing high-speed, complex yet flexible automated assembly equipment and systems.
    This reduces cycle times, improves capacity and delivers repeatable and world-class levels of quality, with the additional benefit of reducing product costs to our customers.
  • Production a new and innovative design for a hood release cable lever.
    This is shielded by the door shut within the lower ‘A’ pillar, thus preventing accidental bonnet release and satisfying the latest Thatcham requirement for break-in protection through a smashed side window.